Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Today is Ash Wednesday. It marks the start of the Lenten Season. Time to ponder, to reflect, to medidate, to contemplate or to simply have some time to be S-I-L-E-N-T, so as to be able to have some time to L-I-S-T-E-N. Did you notice the scrambled letters? It's one great time to reflect about my own personal relationship with GOD and with my fellow creation, of course. I have heard from one Teaching that we are created in the Image and Likeness of God. It's like God using His own camera, taking a shot of Himself. Then, as He develops the negative, He brings it into the dark room, then dips it into different containers (basins) with different colors and different formula to attain the true color and image of the portrait, and voila, a photograph of me! Yes, folks, He made me into His own Image and Likeness, but I have to pass through the dark room and be submerged into the different colors of life, dipping down, then, up, then merging down, and up, down, up, until finally my image would be whole! DIFFICULTY DOESN'T MAKE A PERSON, IT REVEALS THE KIND OF PERSON ONE IS!
This is not to brag about myself but please allow me to share some stories about me, as I aim to touch the core of your heart and leave a tiny special spot on it.
I have some mentors in my life and I'm sure they have no idea that they are my mentors. I admire these persons and the way that they live---the Gospel of their Lives has left a mark--a chapter in my Gospel of Life.
My Aunt, Godmother and Ninang sa Kasal is one source of strength for me. She's also a listening ear, shoulder to cry on, a good adviser and almost a mother to me. She is an elder sister of my Dad and the closest among the siblings).To this day, she plays the mother role for me. Being an orphan, ( I lost Dad in 2003 and Mom in 2006), and having only one older brother, and no sister at all, Ninang Gay is a blessing from God.
Bo Sanchez is my idol when it comes to spirituality. No, he's not a man who displays a halo over his head, he's just a simple, down-to-earth, ordinaryong tao, who aspires to walk in the Light of Jesus and to radiate that Light to others. He's a preacher, a writer, a composer, a singer, a husband, a father, a businessman who aims to nourish my soul everyday and encourages me to live a fantastic life (grabeee ang ad slogans ha!). I like his books, his articles, his talks, his retreats, his jokes?, his songs, his K-Preachers, his radio program, his K-TV, his blog, his Catholic Filipino Academy, his Anawim, his mags, his video, his tapes, etc...hmmm, avid fan na ito! He's The Shepherd's Voice that I never get tired of listening to. Naakksss naman!
My senior high school guidance counselor is also one great influence.He is a simple, friendly, smiling face, morale booster to me. He recommended some inspirational books that would help me understand my personality. He gave me poems, quotations, notes on how to be the best of whatever and whoever I am---it's all in the state of mind... if you can't be a highway, then, just be a trail; if you can't be a sun, be a star...a credo for my relationships... "i like you just because"...(thoughts on friendship book), etc. We used to write each other while I was in College. Then, we lost touch. Sir Jun is a great yet humble psychologist. No wonder, being a psychologist is one of my greatest dreams in life.
My senior high social ethics teacher who is a nun is really an authority when it comes to discipline and social deportment. I remember her giving me homilies right inside her office especially about my relationships with my Dad, my Mom, my brother and my suitors. During those times in high school, I was so stubborn not to heed the elder's advices. But I am now thankful because Sister Francisca saved me from falling into a wrong relationship in high school. Until now (twenty four years have passed), she is just a text message away. She is always there during my tough times and agonizing moments, lending a helping hand ( even Financial help); sharing with my sorrow and grief ( when I lost my parents); she is my prayer warrior during our battle with the lupus in the hospital; she is a faithful friend when my husband left us, his own family; she still sends Sam, my daughter some baked bread, fruits, food and other goodies. She is a wonder woman. ( I think that's Sor Paulina's or Sor Angelita's screen name, but wait, who is Darna, Sor Rosario? !)
Each day of my life is a journey. Every moment is a learning experience. I have so many mentors in different aspects of my life and I am going to tell you more about them as we go on in this journey, hand in hand, together. "Success is never a is always a journey."

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