Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Wishing You, Daughter, a Life Filled with Laughter and Love

There are really no words that can express the love and wishes I hold for you.

We have gone through so much together, you and I -- some times were laced with pain and sadness, but most were filled with the pure joy of our love for each other.

Remember how before you were born, I hoped for a daughter. Little did I know then that what I was really hoping for was a friend -- someone to laugh with even when life was not funny, someone whose very presence would fill me with a love so deep and pure that I could finally understand what it meant to actually love someone more than I loved myself.

Because of your presence, the world is simply a better place. Because of the love and care you show to others, lives are touched and changed. Because of the generosity of your spirit, others feel hope.

When I hoped for a daughter, I never imagined that I would get so much more. May you always know that I love you and I am so very proud of you, my daughter and my friend.
-Lea Walsh

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