Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day of the Hearts

Love is in the air... I can see RED all over the place... I've sent ecards to my family and to some friends. After all, it's one good opportunity to show to some relatives and friends how grateful I am for all the love, prayers and support that they have extended to my family during difficult times. I praise God for using these wonderful generous people as HIS Divine Instruments in healing my lovely daughter, Samantha Johanna (we fondly call her "Hannah", but she is "Sam" to her friends. It's a perfect time to count my blessings in life, too. Each morning as I open my eyes, I thank God for the gift of life. I would momentarily stare at Sam beside me and offer my thanksgiving to HIM, for Sam, for Timothy Pierce (my 18-year-old son) and for Lance, my hubby. Life is precious, that's why I cherish every moment that I spend with my loved ones... I've experienced how fragile one's life could be... when Dad went home to the Father a day after he felt dizzy. It was a stroke. For less than 24 hours in the hospital, Mom joined her Creator. She was just complaining about her cough and difficulty in breathing. It was a heart attack. The sudden demise of my parents taught me how to value every second of my loved one's life. I cherish every single moment that I have with my daughter, Sam. Most of the time, we are alone at home. i am presently out of work, personally taking good care of her. We had several experiences of drawing strength from each other as we fight our battle against lupus flares. That's why this day of the Hearts, I thank God for blessing my life with a beautiful daughter.


Sam said...

awww.. thanks, ma. love you! this is my multiply site, http://soissammy.multiply.com ... mwah mwah!!!

Ai said...

@ sam: copied...happy Love day... kung hei fat choi... mwah!